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Easy English

Open Secret is an online program.
That means:
The program takes place on the internet.
All participants can attend from home.

Open Secret takes place from July 16 to December 31, 2021.
Every month there will be new contributions from the project.
The contributions can be texts.
Or events.

The topics are information and technology in today’s society.
Actually, one could say:
We nowadays live in an open society.
You can find a lot of information quickly.
On any topic.
For example on the internet.
Nevertheless, not all people can find or understand that information.
There are misunderstandings.
Lack of knowledge.
And superstition
[superstition means:
One does not believe in coincidence.
One believes:
Some things have a good or bad meaning for people.
For example:
Chimney sweeps bring luck.
Black cats bring bad luck.

You can also say:
The information is in a black box.
Nobody knows exactly:
What happens in the black box?
How does the black box work?
But you can see:
What comes out of the black box?

With the Open Secret program, we want to understand together:
What does information do to us?
What do they provoke in us?

We are trying to understand technology better.
How can it be part of our lives?
What new possibilities do artists have through technology?
Can it fulfill our desires?
Can it make us less insecure?
Does it have to remain unknown and unattainable?

We want to talk about information in technology.
What influence do they have on our lives?
Which of these influences are good for our lives?
And which ones are not good?
This is what we are looking at.
Together with experts from different fields.
For example from these disciplines:

  • Art and culture
  • Learning
  • Philosophy
  • Technology
  • Accessibility

Some events are also hybrid events.
That means:
Some people are on the computer at home.
And some people meet together in the same place.